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Thursday, July 7, 2011

How To Get Your Vote Registered

Vote How to Get Your Vote Registered

One of the main reasons PTI suffered in the last few by-elections was due to the inefficient voting registration mechanism. Although this is the responsibility of the Election Commission of Pakistan, who failed to provide guidance and help to many people.
However Pakistan Teehrek-e-Insaf actively urges its members both overseas and in Pakistan to get their vote registered. The process is simple, each one of us should not only make sure their vote is registered, but also guide our families, friends, and neighbours. Spread the message.
Anyone can get his or her vote registered at any given time. To get one’s vote registered, one must be of over the age 18 and have NIC card issued by NADRA. The process is simple but does require some commitment:
o   You need to collect a form from the Office of Assistant Election Commissioner/Registration Officer of your area fill it in and submit it to him.
o   Things required to fill the form are:  NameAddressphoto copy of ID Card.  Further details are provided on the form.
o   Vote will be registered in the area whose address is written on the ID Card.
o   Proof of Residence is required in the form of a Utility bill (Electricity, Gas, Water or Telephone) all these requirements are provided on the form as well.
o   More than one person can get registered through one form.
To find out about the Office of Assistant Election Commissioner of your area:
o   Call Election Commission on: (+92) (51) (9201975) or (+92) (51) (9206062) and ask them about the number of Assistant Election Commissioner/Registration Officer of your area.
o   You can also get Assistant Election Commissioner/Registration Officer number and location of their office from 1217.
o   Obtain the Voter list of your area from the Assistant Election Commissioner/Registration Officer of your area.
o   Check whether your name is on the list. You can see the Electoral lists on Election Commission Website as well but currently this is unavailable.
o   Once you are registered you can vote on both seats of National Assembly and Provincial Assembly of your area any time the elections are held.
Important Note
Once the election schedule is announced for any By-Election in your constituency. The Electoral lists cannot be changed and no one can register during this period, you can only register once the elections are over.
Voting Registration for Overseas Pakistani’s
o   One can register when visiting Pakistan.
o   Alternatively if your family, friends or relatives live in the area of your residence in Pakistan. They can also register you. The process is simple:  Collect a form from the Assistant Election Commissioner complete and submit it to his office. All the details are provided on the form.
o   Normally things required are NameAddress and the photo copy of ID Card.
o   Any Citizen of Pakistan can get registered as voter anywhere in Pakistan and can cast their vote if he is in Pakistan during the time of Elections.
Up Coming Elections
We are all fully aware of the rapidly deteriorating situation in Pakistan. The voting registration is essential to the success of PTI and Pakistan. Therefore we would request you  all to actively spread the message by all possible means i.e. Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Online Forums, Forums, SMS etc.
If you require any further help or assistance. Please see below contact details of Mr Moazam Ali, lead for PTI voting registration campaign (VRC).
Get your vote registered as soon as possible and play a vital part in shaping a better future for Pakistan.
Moazam Ali (Head of VRC)(member of PTI from Islamabad)
0334 5245644

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