Thursday, September 30, 2010

NRO beneficiary officials in KP likely to be sacked

PESHAWAR - Over 10 officials of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa in different cadres who benefited from National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) are likely to be sacked. 
The list of these officers who benefited under National Reconciliation Ordinance has been sent to the Establishment Division as per directives of the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, sources say. 
To avoid the axe these officials included in the National Reconciliation Ordinance beneficiary list from Khyber Pukhtunkhwa have started contacting different political parties and influential politicians. 
Sources said that these officers will be asked to resign voluntarily failing which, there is high possibility that they will be forced to resign. 
Recently all the provinces of the country were directed to submit lists of National Reconciliation Ordinance beneficiaries after which the provincial government has sent a list of about 10 such officials to the centre. 
It is to be mentioned here that the action against all such beneficiaries of National Reconciliation Ordinance is going to be taken equally across Pakistan as the SCP in its verdict on December 16, 2009 has termed the NRO as ab initio and asked the Government to open cases against the NRO beneficiaries.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zaid Hamid & Bilal Qutb [Lecture at PAC Lahore] - a must listen.

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Hame Moqa He Nehi Orya Maqbool Jaan

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Snake found in athlete’s room at CWG Village

NEW DELHI: Though the movement of the athletes, participating in the Commonwealth Games, has been restricted due to security concerns but staying in their rooms is also not easy for them and who can live there with snakes in the rooms.

A snake was found in the room of a South African athlete here on Sunday and South Africa's high commissioner to India Harris Majeke termed this situation as dangerous.

The high commissioner revealed while talking with Indian media that a snake had been found in the room of an athlete at the Games village on which athletes were panicked.

He said that was really a threat to the lives of his athletes and after a detailed review it would be decided about their team’s participation in the Games. 
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Imran Farooq murder linked to rows within MQM party

Politician may have been about to endorse or join new party set up by General Pervez Musharraf, source claims
Imran Farooq
Imran Farooq was a senior figure within Pakistan's Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) party. Photograph: AP

The Scotland Yard investigation into the murder in London of the leading Pakistani politician Dr Imran Farooq has been told that rows within his own party may have led to his assassination.
Farooq, 50, was stabbed to death earlier this monthduring an attack in which he was also beaten near his home in Edgware, north London. Farooq was a senior figure in Pakistan's MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) party, and was in exile in London at the time of his death. The murder is being investigated by Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism branch because of the political dimension to the killing.
Sources say intelligence suggests his death was linked to rows within the MQM.
Farooq, once prominent in MQM, had taken a back seat. A senior Pakistani source said he may have been about to endorse or join a new party set up by Pakistan's former military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf. The source said of the motive: "It lies within the MQM. Dr Farooq was probably going to join Musharraf."He is vowing to leave his own London exile and return home to launch a fresh bid for power. His new party, the All Pakistan Muslim League, will launch its programme in London later this week.
Asked by the Sunday Telegraph about his reaction to Farooq's murder, Musharraf said: "It is terrible that such an assassination could happen in a place like London."
Farooq, who was married with two young sons, claimed UK asylum in 1999 alongside Altaf Hussain, the MQM's leader. Hussain, who also lives in exile in London, has said "enemies of the MQM" killed Farooq and they will try to kill him. Pakistan's media reported him as saying on Friday: "Now the enemies of the movement are after my life, but I want to tell them I am not afraid of anyone, whether it's a superpower like the United States or its Nato allies or their Pakistani agents … I fear the Almighty Allah and will never bow down before the conspirators even if they get my British citizenship rescinded."
Police in London are still hunting an attacker who, one witness said, appeared to be an Asian man. Analysts say the MQM has longstanding rivalries with ethnic Pashtun and Sindhi parties in Karachi. The MQM has also been riven by occasional internecine violence.
Before entering the UK, Farooq spent seven years on the run in Pakistan from criminal charges while the MQM was engaged in a violent battle for control of Karachi. He remained a key party figure. While MQM leader Hussain is protected by private guards and rarely appears in public following death threats, colleagues said Farooq never believed he was at risk and had played a smaller role in the party since the birth of his sons, now aged five and three.
Farooq was attacked on his way home from his job at a chemist's shop. He was found near his home after neighbours witnessed what they believed was a fight. Paramedics were called but he was pronounced dead at the scene.
MQM party officials in the party's stronghold of Karachi declared a 10-day period of mourning. Previous political killings have triggered riots and deadly clashes between rival factions. Police are keeping an open mind as to the identity of Farooq's killer and their investigation continues

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chief Justice will decide on the matter of presidential immunity & we will 100% Back him" - Nawazs Sharif

LAHORE: The Supreme Court will be the one to decide on the matter of presidential immunity and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) will support the apex court’s decision, PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif said on Friday. Addressing a press conference at the CM’s Secretariat, Nawaz asked the government to address real issues faced by the public and to give them relief against price hikes and the energy crisis. Nawaz said few government corporations were getting more than Rs 400 billion of public money per year and the government should check such wastages of money and spend it to provide relief to the masses. He said that talk about change in the country would end if the government took sincere steps to improve the economy and control the price hike through good governance. Nawaz said that his party would not welcome any dictator in future, adding that parliament must be given the status of a sovereign body. To a question, Nawaz said all NRO beneficiaries should resign from their offices and those who do not resign must be dismissed. He sad that his party had opposed the approval of the NRO through parliament and wanted the government to accept the SC’s verdict on the issue. appSource

Fard e Jurm..................

Leaked CBI documents: Militants to target Foreign Nationals at Commonwealth Games in New Delhi

Naxalite separatist militants will be targetting foreign nationals and athletes in next week’s Commonwealth Games in New Delhi – according to TOP SECRET documents leaked to PKKH from New Delhi’s Central Bureau of Investigation, Special Crime Unit.
The reports identify two separate militant groups, one of which has come under the radar as recently as 18th of September, as the athletes and forward teams start arriving in New Delhi.
The militant groups are said to have been supplied with explosives, gelatin sticks and detonators by ‘a large network’, related to the August 27th incident in Madhya Pradesh where a hundred and sixty three (163) trucks laden with explosives went missing. NDTV reported at the time the trucks were loaded with detonators and gelatine sticks which were being sent from the government’s Dholpur Factory in Rajasthan to Chanderi and Sagar town in Madhya Pradesh.
Both companies are owned by Jaikishan Aswani, who has close links with extremist Hindu militant groups.
With barely days to go before the start of the Commonwealth Games, the leak of these documents is bound to raise serious doubts over the security and threat perception for the games, already reeling from planning and construction issues as well as the pull-out of leading international athletes citing security and hygeine concerns.
On Tuesday, September 21st, an Australian television news crew managed to enter the main games arena carrying a suitcase with an explosives detonation kit without being stopped.
The Channel 7 journalist who also filmed blackmarket explosives on sale near New Delhi, walked into the venue carrying the case, capable of triggering upto 200 explosions if fitted with a detonator, without attracting suspicion.
The Indian government has asked the army to be on alert in view of the Commonwealth Games. The alert was sounded after several nations raised security concerns following the September 19 Jama Masjid shooting in which two Taiwanese tourists were injured and a bomb went off in a car near the firing spot.
However, the fact that this latest information regarding the naxalite plans to specifically target foreign nationals and athletes has come to light this late, security officials are said to be horrified at what lies in wait as athletes start arriving in Delhi for the games.
‘We knew there would be threats and we had covered most of the ground where we saw these threats coming from. However this new information is absolutely devastating since we just do not know enough at this stage to be able to confidently reassure the public that the games will go on without incident. All we know is that there are people intent on killing the foreign nationals and that they have the means to do so. There is a serious amount of explosives and detonation kits channeled into Delhi specifically for these games’, said a security official to PKKH on condition of anonymity.Source

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

US requested to hand over Aafia

Half hearted requests do not carry any weight hence a forceful demand needs to be made to for handing over innocent Afia.

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik sent a letter on Saturday to the United States Attorney General calling for repatriation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui to Pakistan. 

He said as the case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui had become a matter of public concern in Pakistan, her repatriation would create goodwill for the US. 

Mr Malik said there was also a humanitarian side to the episode as two of her children were living in uncertainty. “The old mother of Dr Siddiqui is suffering from depression,” the letter said. 

The minister further stated that Dr Aafia Siddiqui could be deported to Pakistan under the UN Convention on prisoners. “I would appreciate if you personally look into the matter and use your good office for helping in the repatriation of Dr Siddiqui to Pakistan.”

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China in talks to export Pakistan bigger nuke plant

This is another bold step by China now it is responsibility of Pakistani patriots to stand firm and do not let US to pressurise Pakistan for halting this deal.

BEIJING: China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) is in discussions to build a 1-gigawatt scale nuclear power plant in Pakistan, after having built two there and signed agreements for two other smaller ones, a CNNC executive said on Monday.
“After the successful, safe operation of the first 300-megawatt reactor in Chashma...the second reactor is now under testing and is expected to start formal operations by the end of this year,” said Qiu Jiangang, vice president of CNNC.
Qiu said the two countries have signed contracts to build the No. 3 and No. 4 reactors of similar size.
Qiu made the remarks at a ceremony in Beijing. China's other leading nuclear power firm, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp, is launching commercial operations for a new 1-GW nuclear reactor in southern Guangdong province.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

شرك اور بدعت

شرك اور بدعت
ویڈیو مادہ کا بیان
    عنوان: شرك اور بدعت
    زبان: اردو
    اضافہ کی تاریخ: Sep 18,2010
    نظر ثانی کرنے والا : شفیق الرحمن ضیاء اللہ مدنی
    مختصر بیان: شریعت کی نظر میں دو ایسے گناہ ہیں جب تک بندہ انکا ارتکاب کرتا رہے گا اسکا کوئی عمل مقبول نہیں ہوگا نہ ہی اسکا توبہ قبول ہوگا اور وہ شرک اور بدعت ہیں ویڈیو مذکور میں انہیں دونوں چیزوں کا تفصيلى بیان موجود ہے. نہایت ہی مفید ویڈیو ہے ضرور دیکھیں.
    پہنچنے کا رابط :

مشترک لنک
    ویڈیو شرک کے اثرات ( متعلقات ) - ( اردو )
    ویڈیو شرک کے اثرات ( متعلقات ) - ( اردو )


شرک کے اثرات

شرک کے اثرات
ویڈیو مادہ کا بیان

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شرعى پردہ

شرعى پردہ
ویڈیو مادہ کا بیان

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