Pray For Dr Aafia Siddiqui,,Request To All Muslms, Beacuse we don't've Mohammad Bin Qasim.

From: The Free Aafia Campaign (
Sent: Thu 1/07/10 5:46 AM
Proceedings on Dr. Aafia's Case to start in NY next week!

The process for Dr. Aafia's trial begins next week. We encourage supporters and concerned people to attend the proceedings if they can and please spread the word and ask friends to come as well.

For those who cannot attend in person, please do say a special prayer.

* Monday, January 11: Pre-trial hearing for Motions 9:00AM

* Wednesday, January 13: Jury selection. 9:00 AM

* Thursday, January 14: Jury selection. 9:00AM

Friday, January 15: Daubert Hearing
(Though it is likely that Judge Berman will decide to NOT hold this).

Please note that after Judge Berman's reversal, Dr. Aafia is now to be brought to court every day and made to endure the horrific strip searches and physical manhandling. We pray for her well being and are concerned about the frame of mind she will have each day as she is brought to court.

Trial is scheduled to begin on January 19, 2010 - 9:00AM

All proceedings will be held at the Federal Court, 500 Pearl St., Manhattan, New York.

If you plan to attend, please arrive early (8:15 am recommended) as the court room fills up quickly.
Stand for humane treatment and stand against injustice! Standing for Dr. Aafia brings light to all missing persons, victims of extraordinary rendition and people held in secret prisons. It sends the message that all human beings, especially - our sisters - Muslim women have rights!

God Bless,

The Free Dr. Aafia Campaign
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